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What is a CSF Chapter?


CSF Chapters are at the heart of Corrections Staff Fellowship.
Chapters consist of informal groups of staff meeting at or near a custody, probation, or parole facility. Staff encourage each other to effectively incorporate their faith in all areas of their lives, families and profession, and learn how to make a difference in the Corrections workplace.

Said Joe McGrath, former Warden at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison:

Corrections Staff Fellowship provides a venue for people of faith to come together in an atmosphere of sharing and support as we pursue being men and women of integrity in an often dark and dangerous environment. The concept of maintaining control, remaining strong, and yet being compassionate and caring is fostered when people of integrity support each other in fellowship and prayer. I had the privilege of seeing this happen at Pelican Bay State Prison through CSF.”

How to Begin a CSF Chapter

It is our hope at CSF that the staff throughout the Corrections community worldwide would “catch the vision” to begin CSF Chapters. CSF offers help and support in all aspects of establishing a CSF Chapter. Here are the guidelines:

For further information on beginning a CSF Chapter, contact the CSF office at (714) 573-2921