Family Room


Corrections Staff Fellowship has our own interactive group on facebook-icon the “CSF FamilyRoom.”thefamilyroom

The CSF FamilyRoom is exclusively for Corrections Staff,
may be joined by invitation only, and is not accessible or even visible on Facebook to non-members.

The CSF FamilyRoom allows staff to discuss Corrections-related issues and share other information in the privacy of our own group.

If you work in or are honorably retired from Corrections (Custody/Parole/Probation) and would like to be a member of the CSF FamilyRoom, please send us an email to with the following information. Please be assured your personal information will not be disclosed to others (we’re Corrections too)!

  • Employing Agency

    • Specific Facility
    • Job Title
    • Email address you used to join Facebook

Please note in order for us to invite you to the CSF FamilyRoom, you must first be on Facebook. If you are not currently on Facebook, you can click here to sign-up. It’s easy even for non-tekkies like us!

We are looking forward to seeing you in the CSF FamilyRoom!